It is crazy how lives could be so different across the world.  15 year old Malala Yousafzai is a girl living in the Swat Valley who just wanted to go to school.  Unfortunately, the Taliban, who controlled most of Pakistan, did not believe that girls should have the right to a decent education.  Malala did not agree with this, and became a voice in Pakistan for girls’ education.  That is when things went from bad to much worse.  On her way home from school, the bus was raided by two Taliban members.  They shot Malala in the head and the bullet almost went through her brain.  There was a very slim chance of her survival.  She was transported many times and had multiple surgeries.  It is a miracle and a blessing that she is still alive today.  After she recovered, her family moved to England where they still dwell today.  Malala has become a social icon for women’s and girls’ human rights.


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